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Auxiliaries and Helps of

The Church of God


Assembly Band Movement

The Assembly Band Movement (ABM) is an Auxiliary modeled after the organizational model that Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, gave to Moses in Exodus 18 to help him to care for the people of Israel.  Similarly, the ABM organizes the local church membership into small groups of approximately ten members per group.  Each ABM band regularly gathers together in the homes of its members for focused Bible study lead by the Band Leader of the group.  The Band Leader also assists the pastor in spiritual counseling and general oversight of the membership.  The ABM is both a help to the pastor, as it helps the members to help one another.

Bible Training Institute

Bible Training Institute (BTI) within the local church is focused on conducting regular Bible study at the local church, and on raising funds to finance a formal training program targeted at the ministry of the Church, though the laity also may attend.  This formal training is accomplished via classes that typically last two or three weeks in duration.  For the laity formal course materials have been developed that can be taught within the local church, generally as part of the local BTI service.

Church of Prophecy Marker Association

The Church of Prophecy Marker Association (CPMA) is focused on the placement of signs and markers to let people know where The Church of God is located and to emphasize The Church of God by marking places of historical interest to the Church.  CPMA services focus on Bible study that illuminates the historical significance of events in Church history, and in its future.  Regular Church membership (based on taking the Church covenant) is distinct from CPMA membership, which is focused on raising funds to support the CPMA mission.  It is a goal of each local church to be 100% in CPMA membership.

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important part of every local church.  We all could learn more about the Bible and about the great Church of God.  Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train  up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart  from it.” Many local churches offer classes tailored for different age groups to benefit children and adults alike. Each local church may start Sunday School at different times, so please contact the local churches for more information.  Sunday School is followed by a general Sunday morning worship service.

Victory Leaders Band

The Victory Leaders  Band (VLB) is focused on the youth of our church from the ages of 12 to 35. Not only do they enjoy times of fellowship and  fun, but they also search the scriptures and learn about the Church through Bible Study and classes, and a camping ministry.  The VLB’s are instrumental in raising offerings to assist in the printing for the Free Literature Department which prints the tracts about The Church of God message.  Many events are held for the VLB’s which include summer youth camps and winter retreats, as well as other youth rally's, musical events, etc.  Contact your local church to get more information.

Women's Missionary Band

The Women's Missionary Band (WMB) of The Church of God  works hard to raise offerings to spread the message of the Gospel and The Church of God to the whole world. In addition to its regular offerings, the WMB conducts World Mission Drives in the months of March and October where many funds are raised.


The Evening Light is the official publication of The Church of God.  Published once a month, it delivers news, prayer requests, sermonettes, announcements, and business materials to the people on the field.