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The Internet links provided within this section are NOT associated with nor specifically endorsed by The Church of God.  They are provided as a gateway into Bible and Christian related resources that are found on the Internet.

They include Bible study, graphic art, and multimedia resources, Christian-related news (what is happening around the world that directly affects Christians, e.g., persecutions, government, and political assaults on our faith), organizations that support Christian values, publishers of Christian materials, and other religious thought with which the Christian must contend.

THE BIBLE - King James Version

Free software Bible study tools -- e-Sword and JSword and The Sword Project

2000 Years Of Charismatic Christianity -- Eddie Hyatt

The world is taking notice and realizing that the fastest-growing segment in Christianity has an undeniable history with a pattern and a rich, deep foundation dating back to the New Testament. Explore overwhelming evidence that reveals how the gifts of the Holy Spirit not only have existed in the centuries since the early apostles, but have also survived the Middle Ages, the politicized church of Europe, and have experienced a spectacular revival this century.  Learn invaluable lessons from the experiences of courageous men and women who sought God and saw His power in their generation.  The reader of this volume will gain a greater appreciation for the work of the Holy Spirit in history and will experience a sharpened sense to discern what God is doing in the church today.

2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity offers convincing evidence that the modern Pentecostal and Charismatic movements are rooted in the two-thousand-year history of the church.  Those who identify with these movements will be affirmed in the experience of the Holy Spirit and will gain a new respect and appreciation for the movement of which they are a part.  Those outside  the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements will also benefit by reading  this volume in that they will gain an understanding of this movement that Harvard professor Dr. Harvey Cox says is "reshaping religion in the 21st century."

One Book Stands Alone -- Douglas Stauffer

"One Book Stands Alone" shows you which Bible is the correct version. I was shocked when I learned the truth about the origins and the contents of many of the various versions of the Bible. Changed words and entirely deleted verses add up to inaccurate, sometimes downright blasphemous "bibles". Dr. Stauffer presents the data in a clear, easy to read, entertaining manner. If you are seeking the truth regarding which version of the Bible God wants you to read "One Book Stands Alone" is priceless.

While Men Slept -- Kerby Fannin

This book provides a biblically and historically documented account of the progression of Christian theology as it moved away from a belief in objective truth and toward a belief in subjective truth. As such, this trend is moving the world toward a belief in Universalism. This book will help the discerning Christian to see how Satan is trying to accomplish his centuries-old plan to deceive the whole world into denying the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. To accomplish the plan, Satan is using the Spirit of Error to subtly counterfeit the Word and Spirit of God to lead the world into a new universal Christianity.

The Next Christendom -- Phillip Jenkins

Exerpt from a book review:

... At a moment when public attention is focused on the conflict between militant Islam and a largely post-Christian West, Jenkins reminds us that over the past century Christianity has expanded, quietly but dramatically, all across the Third World, becoming a truly global religion. This expansion, joined to the gradual withering of the faith in its traditional European enclaves, means that the long-term association of Christianity with “the West” is drawing to a close. In the future, Christianity may be better understood as the dominant religion of the global South.

This “global Christianity” threatens to shatter the illusions of the post-Enlightenment intelligentsia, which has assumed for generations that Christianity will either disappear entirely or gradually accommodate its teachings to the spirit of the modern age. ... The church in the Third World has thrived demographically despite brooking no compromise on issues like homosexuality, the ordination of women, the acceptance of divorce, and the tolerance of abortion” practices that many in the West have either advocated or tacitly accepted.

Jesus in Beijing -- David Aikman

Exerpt from a book review:

Christianity, explains David Aikman in Jesus in Beijing, is growing so fast that by 2050 or even earlier, China could be one of the largest Christian nations in the world. Nor is Christianity's growth unanimously resisted by China's authoritarian top brass. Aikman, Time magazine's former bureau chief in Beijing, reveals that even top Chinese officials -- including former President Jiang Zemin -- have identified Christianity as the secret of the West's success, and want to bring that success to China.

Those officials, of course, want to bring Christianity's economic and social benefits to China, without allowing it to become in any real sense a Christian nation. But Jesus in Beijing provides provocative evidence that those officials may be powerless to halt Christianity's spread, and that both Protestant and Catholic groups are flowering today despite the continuing threat of persecution. Aikman traverses China to interview rank-and-file Chinese Christians and their leaders, establishing beyond any doubt that Christianity is already growing in numbers far beyond the minuscule figures recognized by Chinese officialdom -- and that with those numbers goes influence.

David Aikman demonstrates that what is happening in China today is what happened to the Roman Empire nearly two thousand years ago -- nothing less than the Christianization of one
of the greatest nations in the world. The results could change the face of geopolitics forever.

Megashift -- James Rutz

The Best News Since Year One

Miracles are exploding around the world. o Resurrections have happened in 52 countries recently, not near-death experiences, but the real thing. Other miracles documented in MEGASHIFT are equally astonishing, and they are taking place mostly through people like you. Miracles such as o cancer cured o paralysis lifted o rebellious children turned from drugs, alcohol and runaway situations o powerful answers to simple prayers.

A sparkling new form of the Christian faith has arisen to advance this growth. Traditional, clergy-centered Christianity, with its expensive buildings and its performances for spectators, cannot contain this grass-roots move of God. So the church is beginning to find ways to pour itself into small, fast-growing, open fellowships that bring:

     o far more power and freedom
     o greatly expanded team support, 24/7
     o victory over even your worst long term problems
     o and a stronger experience of the presence of God.

This book can turn you into a key Christian leader with full authority to transform people and start your own home-based, life-changing circles of power where people are allowed to speak, interact, and form the deepest friendships of their lives. Your adventure has begun!

Terrorist to Evangelist: The True Story of Kenneth McClinton

Born into poverty, an abusive alcoholic father, state-run homes, violence, prison, political turmoil... Ken McClinton was born to lose. But all alone in a prison cell, he found the God who never gives up, and was born again.

From childhood to terrorism to murder to prison to salvation, this is the real story of a real terrorist rescued by a real Savior.

Read the first chapter, and I DARE you to try and stop reading...

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